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What is Gentle Somatic Yoga?

“Gentle Somatic Yoga” (GSY) originates in Hanna Somatic Education, as developed by Thomas Hanna. Thomas Hanna defined the term Somatics as “experiencing the body from the inside out”, shifting the sensation to a first-person perspective, as opposed to a third-person perspective. Somatics and therefore GSY, goes to the root cause of muscular pain by repatterning the brain-to-muscle connection resulting in the freedom of movement and complete restoration.

Practicing Gentle Somatic Yoga can bring:

-Freedom from pain

-Dramatic increase in flexibility

-More resilience and ability for self-healing

-Increased mental clarity and focused thinking

-Improved reaction-time and coordination

-Reduced fatigue and improved sleep

-Reduced symptoms of physical and mental stress

-Well-being and peace of mind

The difference between traditional Hatha Yoga and Gentle Somatic Yoga is that in GSY the main intention is not to stretch a muscle. Instead, in GSY we reprogram and strengthen the brain-to-muscle connection. Often, the root cause of muscular pain (Sensory Motor Amnesia) is found in the brain, therefore the Somatic Movement Flows (corrective therapeutic exercises) in GSY repattern muscles from a neurological level. The repatterning is accomplished through a technique called pandiculation.

When pandiculating a muscle, we alternate between mindful muscular engagement, then slow disengagement, followed by returning to a neutral position. The technique of pandiculation resets a muscle group, from the level of the sensory and motor cortexes of the brain to its optimal length in a resting state. The immediate effect and lasting results include a dramatic increase in flexibility, mobility, coordination, and peace of mind.

Finally, the hard work of the past few months has paid off and I have become a certified Gentle Somatic Yoga Practitioner! Yay!

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