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A Few Thoughts about YIN YOGA

"We don't use our body to get into the pose,

We use the pose to get into our body"

- Mantra

Nowadays, yoga has so many modern branches that makes difficult sometimes to decide which one of the styles serve the most our physical, emotional and mental health.

With the modernization of the traditional styles like Hatha Yoga, softer, feminin or yin-like characteristics addressing the deeper tissues, joints and fascia have arisen.

In Yin Yoga long-held postures manipulate on the connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, and the energy lines using the synchronized combination of breath and mental work. Asanas promote stillness in the whole body allowing the practitioner some "mental-time". By holding the asanas from 1 to 12 minutes, Yin Yoga can be challenging. The best time to be practiced is early in the morning, before bed, during menstrual cycles, or when feeling out of balance.

Basic principles of Yin Yoga:

- when coming into a pose, we don't go to the full depth

- when the body opens, it will invite us to deepen

- to remain still in the our body, breath and mind we need commitment

Yin Yoga is about listening to our body with wisdom, using the breath to help us understand and respect the edges available for us in that moment. Acceptance is the essence of Yin.

Erika Gantner

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