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Thai Yoga Massage

Authentic Thai Massage incorporates traditions from India, China and Thailand, combining acupressure and yoga stretching. In Thai villages is performed by healers more like an energy work rather then bodywork concentrating on the 72,000 sen or energy lines, and awakening the natural healing process of the body.

It has a relaxing and healing effect on mind, body, allowing the organism to detoxify, relax and fill the cells up with new nutrients and fresh oxygen.

It has been scientifically proven its positive influence on reducing stress level, calming the nervous system, balancing the mind and the body, increasing the muscular strength, the range of motion, in addition to restoring the strength and flexibility of the joints and ligaments. The therapeutic approach of Thai Massage reveals the healing power of touch by transmitting care, love, compassion through loving-kindness.

During Thai Massage the patient stays fully clothed. In addition to the palm and fingers, this massaging technique uses the elbows, the feet, the forearms or knees for applying pressure on different body parts.

It is both suitable for adults of all ages and children.

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