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The power of relaxation (Savasana)

The purpose of Savasana is to teach us to just be, to stay quiet, turn inwards and listen deeply within ourselves, our thoughts. It is a tool to enhance our awareness, concentration, to observe and be in stillness. By turning inwards we release our thoughts and move into a non-judgmental state of mind. Savasana is used to conclude our yoga practice, after the sequence of asanas that have lengthened the muscles and joints, and stimulated the nerve connections. In Savasana we intentionally lie down on our mat while the mind turns in a healing state where the theta wave patterns are predominant.

What's the purpose of OMing in yoga?

OM is one out of the 8 Sanskrit bija, or seed syllables and is the most sacred mantra in the Hinduism and Buddhism. These bija syllables carry the forces of the nature and they hold and resonate the Kundalini force. Therefore OMing channels immerse pracnic life force energy and the Divine in form of vibration. While OMing, we: 1. Connect to others by sharing our energy; 2. Connect with the Universe 3. Enhance the prana in our subtle energy body that is associated with the 5th Chakra or Throat Chakra. When we generate vibration and sounds by speaking and using our voice we stimulate the 5th Chakra at the same time; 4. Take a deep breath at the inhalation and extend the exhale when vibrating t

Life Force and Breathing

Here is a great article I read this morning on Yoga International. I found it really descriptive explaining how things in our body connect to each other. "There is an ancient story found in the Prashna Upanishad that tells of a debate between prana (“life force”) and the five senses as to which of them was most valuable for human survival. The eyes claimed that without them, people could fall and be injured. The ears claimed that they could help people hear sweet things, as well as alert them to dangers the eyes could not see. The sense of smell argued that one could live without seeing and hearing, so long as one could still smell the richness of the world. And so it continued. Then prana s


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